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The Sibling Series

Emphasis has also been placed upon accent. Wherespeaking in a pirate’s accent, for example, adds vividness to the reading experience for both you and your child. To assist in this opening up of the story, each composition indicates when an accent should be used, and moreover, the accent type: e.g. Squeaky voice, a Grumpy voice or a Motherly voice etc.

There are however no accent cues for the dialogues belonging to the prince. Your child will channel their character accent through your voice. Which, as child developmental psychologist have shown, is exactly how children evolve their inner monologue for use in adult life. In this way the child will accept the vocabulary used their fictional character, as if it were their own words. Words that are wide and varied. Words beyond the years of a young child; but the purpose is to assist in vocal development through story telling.

Stories that mix humour, mystery, myth and ethical dilemma. Prince adventures set in and around the centre of a unique universe, yet coalesced the safety of their own home. Familiar tales not unlike the ones children naturally play act when left to their own devices. They are wholesome and equally entertaining for the parent. As they should be.

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big brother and sister children bedtime story

Children Stories For An Older Brother Younger Sister (Free Sample)
William Le’Shon (Author)


Follow the adventures of the two princes as they jump rainbows, ride to near light speeds on their unicorn and battle a dinosaur in a world, far far away.

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