Children Stories

For An Older Brother & Younger Sister

The Hidden Forest


Once upon a time there was a big brother and little sister, prince [older] and princess [younger]. The brother and sister shared a bedroom and lived in a large crystal palace with mummy and daddy. A palace so ginormously big, its level roof was often cited as evidence for a flat Earth. But as every sensible person knows, the Earth is doughnut shaped; where the sun and moon dance in and around the hole in the middle. There has been much speculation among doughnutologist on how the Earth derived its unusual shape.

The accepted theory is that long ago, the Earth was indeed coin shaped, but was hit a rather large meteorite which punched a hole in its middle. The central disc that was once part of the Earth, absorbed the kinetic energy from the meteorite and through a processes of internal conversion, generated a cascading radioactive event. Or put more simply, made the sun.

This logical explanation also explains why the sun is able to fit through the hole. Where the moon comes from is still not yet fully understood, but where the dinosaurs went, is. But this ‘is’, isn’t the whole ‘is’. There still is, according to legend, a few dinosaurs left.

“And they all live in the Lost Forest, somewhere near the vegetable garden behind the ginormously big palace.” Continued prince [older].

“Shall we go on an adventure and look for the lost dinosaur forest”? Asked an excited princess [younger].

“Yes. But first we should prepare for every eventuality. ”Said prince [older], channeling his inner Boy Scout. “I think, if we’re seeking dinosaurs, we must take a blanket, a ball of string, and a can of corned beef.” He added.

“You’re so clever,” said princess [younger], “if anyone knows how to find the long-lost dinosaurs, it’ll be you.”

“Thanks sis.” Replied prince [older].

“Credit were credit’s due.” Said princess [younger]. “But perhaps we should also bring some body armour, a lance, a net, and a board-sword? Just to be on the safe side.” She added.

“I was about to suggest those too.” Answered a defensive prince [older].

“And were you also going to say: ‘sandwiches, crisps and drinks’; in case we get stranded, or lost.” Princess [younger] continued.

“Yes.” Replied a red-faced prince [older]. He gave a small cough. “And we’d better take the shields too. Now, let’s assemble our kit and supplies. We’ll head-out for our adventure after breakfast.”

The two young royals went about collecting all the items they thought necessary for their trek  — the food was sourced from the pantry and stowed in their backpacks; the armour taken from the knight manikins which litter the ground floor hallway; the lances from the scullery where they’d been used as wash line poles, and the shields, nabbed from the garden shed — they’d been conscripted as snow sledges and only became useful when it snowed at ground level. After they’d eaten their cornflakes, they dressed in their armour, mounted their unicorns, and headed-out at a gentle trot.

It wasn’t long before they reached the marble statue fountain. The urge to jump over the rainbows the splattering water was too much excitement to resist. The young royals quickly unloaded their supplies and removed their armour, they didn’t want it to get them rusty.

Princess [younger] didn’t hang around. She nudged her unicorn back a few paces, then galloped towards the marble statue fountain. And jump. Her unicorn leaped into the air and over a rainbow. Prince [older] hadn’t hesitated either. He followed his sister’s lead and whoosh, over a rainbow he flew. They sped round, taking another run, and jump. Over and over again. Until it was dinner time.

“I’m feeling quite peckish now.” Stated a hungry princess [younger].

“Me too.” Agreed prince [older]. “Let’s eat.” He dismounting his unicorn, picked-up the backpack and signaled princess [younger] to join him for the picnic.

Out came the crisps and pop. It was scrummy. And as a surprise, prince [older] had sneaked in some unicorn biscuits. Princess [younger]’s mouth gapped open, then after a few seconds, a unicorn biscuit had passed her watering mouth and was nicely sat in her belly.

“Yummy yummy in my tummy.” Said a satisfied princess [younger].

Prince [older] rubbed his belly. He laid back onto the picnic blanket, breathed in, then gave out an all mighty BURP!

The young royals burst out laughing and high fived, princess [younger] asked: “How far to the Lost Forest”?

“Not far now I reckon.” Replied prince [older]. “Pass me the telescope; I’ll see if I can see it from here.”

Princess [younger] handed her brother the telescope. She waited a few minutes before asking if he could see the Lost Forest.

Prince [older] had scanned the horizon. He saw the vegetable plot. He could see the maze. He could even see the Enchanted Forest in the distance. But he couldn’t see any Lost Forest. Nope, not anywhere. But then, it wouldn’t be much of a Lost Forest if it was too easy to find, he thought to himself.

“No.” He said after a few more minutes had passed. “Maybe we’ll have better luck the vegetable plot? Yep, let’s head out over there.” He suggested.

Without further discussion, the young royals packed away the remains of the picnic. Re-dressed themselves in their armour; mounted the unicorns and made haste towards the vegetable plot. When they arrived, they were sullenly disappointed: the Lost Forest was nowhere to be seen.

“Perhaps it’s in a parallel universe?” Suggested prince [older]. “That we may have to pass through a wormhole to get there.” He continued.

“Let’s try it then.” Said princess [younger] while stepping down from her unicorn.

Prince [older] looked on with bemusement as princess [younger] pulled out her magnifying glass. She got down onto her knees, and started prodding the grass with a small twig.

“Uh hum,” coughed prince [older], “what are you doing?”

“I’m looking for wormholes,” replied a serious princess [younger], “haha, here’s one.”

Prince [older] tutted and rolled his eyes. “Not that kind of wormhole you bumbling fool.” He said to his sister.

“Well it’s a curious looking wormhole,” insisted princess [younger], “it’s got a black metallic surrounding disc; with what looks like….” She stopped midsentence and moved her magnifying glass backwards and forwards, “ah yes, what looks like Egyptian hieroglyphs, and…..” she paused again to focus, “a watery central surface. I’ll poke this twig into the water and see what happens.”

With that, princess [younger] disappeared.

Prince [older] jumped off his unicorn and ran to where his sister had been prodding the wormhole. He quickly pulled out his magnifying glass and hastily looked for the metallic disc with the Egyptian hieroglyphs. And sure enough, there it was, with watery central surface and all. Prince [older] touched the watery surface with a twig, and with a whoosh, he was pulled into the wormhole.

He landed on his bottom. Then with a giant splash, the watery surface from the metallic disc — with Egyptian hieroglyphs — vanished. Only the disc remained. But there to greet him was princess [younger]: “We’re here.” She said.

Prince [older] looked round, and noticed that they were surrounded an ancient jungle. There was an unusual squawking and the roar of what sounded like a dinosaur in the distance. Prince [older] stepped forward then heard a little:

(Squeaky voice)


He looked down. There his foot was a tiny little dinosaur. He picked it up, and held it close to his nose. It let out a tiny:

(Squeaky voice)


“Oh my, that’s so cute.” Said prince [older]. “It must be a baone.”

“Let me hold it,” requested princess [younger], “it looks so adorable.”

(Squeaky voice)

“I’s a fully-grown dinosaur I’ll have you know.” Said the little dinosaur as it was being passed from brother to sister. “In fact, I’s the largest, most aggressive dinosaur in the whole wide world. RRRRRoaRRRR!”

Prince [older] and princess [younger] began laughing at the tiny dinosaur’s statement:

(Squeaky voice)

“RRRRRoaRRRR!” It continued.

All the while holding the dinosaur the scruff of its neck; princess [younger] gave it a big kiss.

(Squeaky voice)

“Ych y fi.” Exclaimed the dinosaur with disgust. “Put me down right this minute.” He demanded.

“Oh, can I keep him as a pet?” Asked princess [younger]. “I promise I’ll look after him and feed him every day. We can take him for walks using a dog lead. Come-on, you know you want too!”

(Squeaky voice)

“You can’t take me, I’s a sentient being. I’s have rights you know.” Squealed the tiny dinosaur.

“It’s very tempting,” said prince [older] while ignoring the dinosaur’s disagreement, “but I don’t think we should take him home with us. He probably has family and friends here. It would be, un-ethi-cal, if we did.”

(Squeaky voice)

“Yes that’s it, its un-ethi-cal.” Agreed the tiny dinosaur. “Now puts me down!”

“Oh. Okay.” Said princess [younger] to her brother. “I suppose I’d better put it down.”

“Yes, that’ll be best.” Said prince [older].

And so princess [younger] bent over and placed the tiny dinosaur onto the ground, but not before giving it one last sloppy kiss.

(Squeaky voice)

“RRRRRoaRRRR!” It shouted as it ran off into the undergrowth.

“It was so sweet, I wish we could have kept him.” Said princess [younger]. “But I think we have enough pets anyway.” She added to the world in general.

“I think we should be getting ourselves home now.” Said prince [older]. “It’s late and I’m feeling very hungry.”

With that the metallic disc turned and a splash of water appeared as the watery surface returned. The young royals walked through the wormhole and whoosh, they were back in the vegetable plot where their unicorns were waiting to take them home.

That night after coco and cookies, the young royals told their mummy and daddy all about their days’ dinosaur adventure. Mummy and daddy thought the young royals have amazing imaginations. They tucked up the two young royals, kissed them good night. Then left them soundly asleep.

And they all lived happily ever after.



The End


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