The Eleusinian Mysteries & Their Rites

The Eleusinian Mysteries & Their Rites
The Eleusinian Mysteries & Their Pagan Rites

Wright’s pioneering book seeks to reconstruct the esoteric rituals and the secretive theology which shrouded the Eleusinian Mysteries.

He completes this task through piecing together ancient commentary and primary information that became more widely available as this cult of the goddess Demeter, and her daughter Persephone, became less relevant as a political, religious and cultural force.

Yet as Wright explains, as the pagan institution’s power waned, many of its rites of initiation, its dogmas and means of absolution were still kept , on pains of death, a highly guarded secret.

Wright uncovers the vail of obscurity a reasoned secular analysis but without losing the spiritual charge on which the Eleusinian Mysteries bestowed upon its practitioners: from the pagan Greeks, to the polytheist North Africans; Northern Europeans and the West Asians, anyone who was anyone in the ancient world strived to be initiates and members of this secret cult.

The Eleusinian Mysteries and Their Pagan Rituals has been published for students and the general reader alike: a publication that lends insight on how ancient paganism has left its mark on modern Freemasonry and pathed the way for Christianity to become established.