Introduction To Sun Moon & Talia

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A Late Medieval Edition of Sleeping Beauty


As an introduction to Sleeping Beauty, Giovan Battista Basile’s Sun Moon and Talia (1634) is an ideal first step to understanding how the mailability of fairy tales can explain their persistence within Western culture. Indeed, their recent return to popular culture has proven them to be a financially rewarding genera for creative types, that they find them easily adaptable for the easily accessible market.

Yet each of these new successful compositions have a unified undercurrent sourced from the original text they were adapted; without which the remoulded transmission and reception of the new story would simply fall on deaf ears. It is then, imperative to retain the original subtext, the residence of a story’s meaning: and doing so the writer is simply mirroring the natural evolution that stories have experienced since they first appeared in human culture. An adaptation that allows a story to be accepted their new audience.

With that in mind, this Introduction to Sleeping Beauty has been published for writers and people with a general interest in fairy-tales. A short and easy-going book containing an analytical introduction to Giovan Battista Basile’s Sleeping Beauty, with copies of Benedetto Croce’s modern Italian, and, Basile’s original text: accompanied a unique English translation.

Unique having had much of its fluffy render stripped away. Maintaining only enough core narrative to retain the essence of a consistent, yet concise story. Lending plenty of space for writers to innovate their own Sleeping Beauty edition and add, to what has proven to be, a boon for Sleeping Beauty lovers and publishers alike.